Dundee company OOVIRT at Screen Ready 2019

The event aims to inspire and inform businesses with practical hints and tips about media production of all types including engaging with Virtual Reality (VR).

OOVIRT is a new VR production company based in Dundee, Scotland.
The company was established in early 2017 by leading social entrepreneurs Michael Leeland and Richard Meiklejohn and the team now includes Ashley Petrie on Marketing.

The name is a play on the French word ‘ouvert’, meaning ‘open’ and the Scots word ‘oor’, meaning ‘our’. 

Fitting then that the company has a key focus on location based VR.

Richard Meiklejohn of OOVIRT

This enables immersive VR experiences at any place that is, well a place. It could be a historic building, shopping mall, cinema, operating theatre. If youy can go there in the real world, it can absolutely be turned into a virtual experience. This could be for entertainment but it could also be to help people know what’s ahead and so vital for applications from accessibility to planning ahead for hazardous operations.

Location-based VR was “a big part of the buzz” at the Immersive Storytelling Pavilion during leading tech event NAB Show, in Las Vegas in Aprilr 2019.

So back to OOVIRT. Through previously working with numerous businesses and listening to the pain points faced by their customers and staff, they had uncovered a market for virtual experiences and information about locations, venues and visitor attractions of all kinds.

The immersive, virtual reality experiences they produce help people to get excited about where they are going, re-live their visit and inspire friends and family to go. Crucially these experiences help people to get vital information for accessibility and other crucial needs and so provide even more encouragement to go.

There’s more information at the OOVIRT website.

Screen Ready is on 7th May 2019 at Dunfermline Carnegie Library, Scotland. It’s a free event. Please book at Eventbrite.