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Masterclass – Immersive Technology as a Punk Moment
August 29, 2018

From the “punkification” of cinema in the ‘90s, to the beginning of the YouTube age in the middle of the 2000s,…

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VR-Keynote and Preview VRHAM!
May 18, 2018

Come and join the Preview of VRHAM! in Hamburg, Germany’s first Virtual Reality & Arts Festival, organised by Create Converge partner…

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VR Connect – 3 locations, 1 conference
May 17, 2018

TARGET AUDIENCE: Sectors beyond entertainment. We will introduce new ways of using VR in your business. To sign up, follow the…

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Event: 9. Hamburg Games Conference: Play it – The Future of Games & Films
March 23, 2018

Games and films have been moving closer together for years now, and thanks to digital photorealistic imagery, the borders between the…

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Aarhus Walks on Water – a 360 degree experience
December 3, 2017

You can watch AWOW as a 360 degree experience through the Youtube app on your smartphone. Vogue it up and get…

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They Walk on ´Water – When Powers Unite
November 2, 2017

Two masterclasses are on its way to Denmark – the teachers are some of the strongest British competences in the field…

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Invitation Playground or Springboard
Playground or Springboard? What chances do video platforms offer?
October 10, 2017

CC Focus Learn: What a few years ago was still a playground for amateur filmmakers is attracting increasing numbers of established…

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Arcadia Dundee Scotland – go or watch later
September 4, 2017

CC Focus: Reach Out | ARCADIA – A Celebration of Independent Games Where: Dundee, Scotland When: Friday 8th spetember 2017 At…

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The Conference Sweden: watch live (or later)
September 1, 2017

CC Focus: Reach Out | The Conference – Complexity in a Digital World Where: Malmo, Sweden When: 4th to 5th September…

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Fashions new, new look – new book looks at transmedia trends
August 22, 2017

Film and transmedia currently broaden our understanding of the concepts of storytelling and branding in entirely new ways. We are only…

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