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Fashions new, new look – new book looks at transmedia trends
August 22, 2017

Film and transmedia currently broaden our understanding of the concepts of storytelling and branding in entirely new ways. We are only…

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Zero Point VR – Createch for Performance
June 28, 2017

CC Focus: Collaborate Zero Point VR is a Virtual Reality Meditation on the key Inspirations and concepts behind the Zero Point…

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Storytelling in VR – Masterclass with Johan Knattrup Jensen
June 15, 2017

CC Focus: Connect | Event: Hamburg, Germany June 2017 Create Converge VR Storytelling – the big questions Head to Hamburg for…

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Animation Expose 2017 – see it online
May 31, 2017

CC Focus: Collaborate | Event: Hatfield, UK May 2017 World Famous Animation Festival at University of Hertfordshire Update Watch it online….

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This.Privacy Summit – highlights and video
May 12, 2017

CC Focus: Connect & Reach out | Event: Aarhus, Denmark, April 2017 Two master classes were held during the festivals Games…

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See What I Mean with Dave Burgess – session video
April 15, 2017

CC Focus: Connect | Event: Dundee Scotland December 2016 | Create converge held a workshop with Dave Burgess of DreamWorks. Dave…

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Masterclass – VR ready – AR you?
March 28, 2017

Now is the chance the VR industry’s strongest players, both internationally and nationally, share their knowledge and experiences, and introduce their…

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Masterclass: VR Today & Tomorrow
February 28, 2017

Get a boost from a line of the VR industry’s strongest players. We can guaranty you will gain new inspiration and…

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Create Converge Workshop with Dave Burgess, DreamWorks
November 15, 2016

A workshop for creatives andeveryone looking to use creative, digital solutions to show, tell and sell 13 December 2016 Dundee, Scotland…

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Create Converge has started – countries surrounding the North Sea get together
July 7, 2016

Create Converge, an Interreg North Sea Region project, kickstarted in week 26, when Filmby Aarhus, VIA and the remaining partners from…

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