1 hour. 6 people. In the digital era. It is, indeed, Lunch with New Friends.

Bringing people together is what we do at Media Evolution. Unfortunately, in the current Corona virus pandemic, we need to rethink how we meet and greet each other. We love our concept of Lunch with New Friends - and during Corona times we do it in a digital way instad of meeting eachother irl. Same same, but different.

Spice up the lunch hour and meet a bunch of new wonderful people who all have one thing in common: being members of Media Evolution. One might say that Lunch with New Friends is a little bit like a blind date. In a very positive way with nice wibes. Indulge in interesting conversations and enjoy lunch together. Simple as that.

Theme: "Team Spirit". How do we (all of us that joins in) - work with team activities now days. How do we keep up the team spirit in a company and how do we get the team to rise and shine - together - when many of us work from remote. Do you guys work with check ins, and check outs at work, do you have pedometer challenges or other physical activity challenges at work? Do you do In other words, how do we form the "you and me in a team - spirit kind of feeling"? We at Media Evolution will share our 5 cents and invite you to share yours.

Lunch with New Friends is open for members of Media Evolution. Check out our member list if you are unsure as to whether or not your company is a member. On our ordinary physical Lunch with New Friends, the 6 seats tend to go very fast, and we hope it will be the same thing now, maybe even faster. We know that many people long to interact with other humans.

WHAT: Lunch with new friends and interesting talks

LUNCH: In front of your own computer :)

WHEN: May 6, 12.00 - 13.15

WHERE: From where ever your work station is placed these days. We will meet eachother through video. Link will be shared after registration.

WHY: Because you're a member of Media Evolution and want to get to know new people!

HOW: We will send out a Zoom link to all the participants.

Questions? Please reach out to Pernilla ( for more info. Can't make it this time? Send an email with your interest.

Lunch with new friends is made possible by our friends at Swedbank.