The Danish XR Scene



Did you know that Danish Extended Reality (XR) is growing rapidly? This event celebrates Danish XR solutions with an exciting expert panel from different industries: Games, health, film and art.



  • Get insight into the newest developments in the Danish XR scene
  • Engage in a dialogue with experts from different industries working with XR
  • Learn about job opportunities at Danish XR companies
  • Get inspiration for starting or joining XR productions

This year, Internet Week Denmark, Filmby Aarhus and AATE VR invite you to the biggest Extended Reality event in Denmark focusing on the Danish XR industry.

In 2019 more than 250 people participated in the event ‘The Danish Virtual Reality Scene’ which made it a great success. Professionals from different industries, students from all kinds of educations, people looking for jobs or collaborations, and even tourists took part in the event. Everyone was invited to participate in inspiring talks from leading Danish VR companies, and they also had the opportunity to try out the newest Danish VR experiences.

Because of 2019’s success, and a cancelled IWDK in 2020 due to COVID-19, we are looking so much forward to bringing back the event as a part of the Internet Week Denmark 2021 program. This year we are going bigger and better and do not only have a focus on Virtual Reality experiences, but also on Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, which all together fit under the umbrella term Extended Reality. So do not miss out on this unique opportunity of experiencing the newest updates on the best Danish XR content.



  • Nicolai Brobak, VIA
  • Kristian Andreasen, Kanda
  • Christian Nyhus Andreasen, Vision Denmark & Filmby Aarhus
  • Maria Herholdt Engermann, MANND
  • Laura Lüers, The LEGO Group



Kl. 09.00 – 09.05: *Welcome and introduction of the XR Panel. The host Ege Jespersen from AATE VR bids welcome to The Danish XR Scene and makes a short introduction of the XR Panel.

Kl. 09.05 – 09.20: *The XR Panel introduces themselves – 3 minutes pr. panel participant. Each panel participant has 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their companies, and can show 1-3 slides/pictures from their productions.

Kl. 09.20 – 09.55: *The XR Panel goes into a dialogue with the host, each other, and the audience about exciting XR topics

Kl. 09.55 – 10.00: *Thank you and goodbye