Date Night - Game and XR Development



Do you want to meet and talk with skilled people within the Danish gaming and XR industry? Then this is the online social event you should join.



  • Expand your network with good people from the gaming and XR industry
  • Showcase your skills and ideas and find collaboration partners
  • Inspiration for starting or joining gaming or XR productions

If you are looking to collaborate with others, share experiences or get to know more about how the Danish gaming or XR industry works, you have come to the right place. Date Night is a social event where you can get in touch with people within these industries. If you are a developer, an artist or just interested in the gaming or XR industry,  you can meet experts and like minded people and hopefully broaden your network. If you are an unknown talent, this is a place for you to show off your work to others. The hope is that the participants in Date Night will benefit from each others’ experiences, and perhaps even start or join exciting gaming or XR productions together.

Date Night is an event where people interested or occupied in the Danish gaming or XR industry can meet and interact with each other in an immersive 3D visual setting. The goal is to have developers, artists, and aspiring talents exchange experiences, and to have the event act as a contemporary social platform for talents, where they can meet the industry and show what they can bring to a production.

This event will take place online in a dedicated Mozilla Hubs Room, with plenty of space for group talks or more intimate 1:1 talks. We will provide a direct link to the ‘Date Night Room’ in Mozilla Hubs right here very soon.

Create a Mozilla Hubs user and try different rooms here:
Watch a video about Mozilla Hubs here:

Do you want to collaborate with others, share your experiences or know more about the danish gaming and VR industry, then access the event via this link: (Link for Mozilla Hubs Room coming soon

If you just want to explore the Date Night event, without interacting with other attendees, then go to the Big Ideas Stage and watch the stream at IWDK virtual festival.


Kl. 19.30 – 20.00: ’Date Night Room’ in Mozilla Hubs is open for anyone to join.

Kl. 20.00 – 20.10: The host Ege Jespersen from AATE VR bids welcome from the main scene, and makes a short and practical introduction to the format of the event.

Kl. 20.10 – 21.25: All Date Night participants are free to talk with each other, or listen in to others’ presentations.

Kl. 21.25 – 21.30: The host says thank you and goodbye from the main scene, but participants are welcome to stay and continue their conversations.



Esben Kjær Ravn, Kong Orange
Nina Kelstrup, Funday Factory
Kristian Andreasen, Kanda
Line Schmidt, Pixel Peanuts