Fashion: immerse yourself in the look

Get all kinds of inspiration at th Business of Fashion. It is a subscription service with some free content also. But before you commit get ideas from the headlines.
If you want to be in that world, it might just become indispensible.

Here's a few current ones:

"E-Commerce Is Boring. A Jeff Bezos-Backed Start-Up Wants to Change That.
Obsess is a software company that is building virtual reality shopping sites."

"Would You Buy a Virtual Pair of Nikes?
Brands are designing digital clothing, shoes and accessories, betting customers will spend real money on virtual fashion."

"L'Oreal to Provide Virtual Make-Up Tech for Amazon
The french cosmetics company struck a deal with Amazon, bringing a makeup-testing feature using augmented reality to the platform."

See more if you dare at Business of Fashion.

Here at Create Converge, we did an immersive fashion show in Aarhus, Denmark that you could experience anywhere you had signal.

That was led by our partners Filmby Aarhus, University of Hertfordshire and our UoH led lab, G+VERL.

If you fancy exploring what you could do, please get in touch. We help for free.