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Project Focus: Learn

Learn is about dipping a toe in the water…..

Across VR/AR, animation, VFX, games and beyond. It’s also about going outside your comfort zone, if you havena��t already.

Give a boost to your creative and production skills so you can help shape a rapidly evolving, dare we say the word, A�well okay, then wea��ll whisper it, market. A�Please join us at our free events and workshops, and we promise there will also be a large selection online.

Don’t forget to see what else wea��re doing. Read more at Connect, Collaborate and Reach Out.

Show me some skill

Our plan is to provide a series of free workshops with industry professionals, and maintain a curated, online resource offering you a way to explore your creative digital skills.

Tackling the business part of your creative business is a challenge you know only too well. Therea��s some wonderful wisdom out there for yiou, and we want to help you find it. We will be gathering together thoughts from companies big and small, A�sharing truly practical advice that can actually help you get your plans on rails.

In the meantime, take a look at the resources here and at our Youtube channel.


Global value of 3D animation & VFX market 2017


North Sea Region university & college creative digital courses


Global games revenues 2017

Exchange ideas and get new skills

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We are hosting workshops and sharing information about best practice for creative skills and business development for people working across creative digital. The idea is to promote knowledge exchange and help media professionals step outside their comfort zone and develop new skills.

We are running workshops, seminars and masterclasses and also focusing on supporting transnational projects across the North Sea Region. Events will be industry relevant and delivered by practicing industry professionals.

Use a simple image and this text to talk deeper about an aspect of your work package.