Create Converge @ Berlin Film Fest 2019

A key objective was to connect with international creatives and non-creatives active in the field of XR. Since 2017, Berlinale offers a wide range of possibilities to engage with Virtual Reality and the people around. The attendance of the EFM Horizon and the VR NOW Summit brought valuable insight for the project’s work and for the understanding of blockchain technologies and the benefits for media and creative businesses. Cf. the detailed travel report.

It was a chance to take part in networking events such as FFHSH Aperitivo and the Hamburg Filmbrunch and spread the word about Create Converge.

Postcards and Business Cards were widely distributed as at all events.


Here is the full report on what occurred this year.

Friday, 8 Feb. 11.30 am - 1 pm.:

EFM Horizon: The Transforming Force of AI: Hype or High Potential? An Outlook from Content Creation to Audience Analytics

This block will map the status quo of AI in film and entertainment sectors by bringing developers, artists and practitioners together for a series of talks, interviews and debates to think through future scenarios and what they mean for the industry today in practical terms. Key questions to be addressed include:

From scriptwriting to marketing, which creative functions can also benefit from AI to start working smarter, not harder and let their imaginations run free?

How much closer are we to leveraging AI to automating all the headaches out of production, post-production and VFX workflows in 2019? Will the adoption of new systems create new challenges in itself, from grappling with stubborn resistance to change on the one hand, to automating colleagues out of jobs on the other?

For audiences, will the increasing ubiquity of AI tighten personalisation’s stranglehold on their entertainment platform experiences? Or will they be won over not only by improved algorithms, but also the promise of new levels of interactivity and immersion, as AI-enhanced virtual humans and non-linear storyworlds become as rich and surprising as real life and real people can be?


Sadaf Amouzegar is Data Scientist at RivetAI, a pioneering startup building an AI platform that automates the tedious aspects of film production, allowing filmmakers to focus on the creative and human-centric aspects of their work.

Thomas Bendig is CEO of the Fraunhofer ICT Group, as part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Within this group 19 institutes and 5,500 experts are working to provide applied R&D for a broad range of industries. The ICT Group is highly involved in the development of numerous media technologies.

Kathleen Schröter is Head of Marketing & Communications at Fraunhofer HHI, one of the 72 Institutes within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest applied research organization with over 25,000 scientists. Fraunhofer HHI is e.g. very active in VR/AR and AI technologies as well as highly involved in the standardization of 5G, the next generation of mobile communication.

Moderated by AC Coppens (The Creative Catalysts)


Saturday, 9 Feb. 11 am – 1 pm

Interactive session about Blockchain:

Blockchain is a technology through which change can happen due to data transparency. The best outcomes of Blockchain occur when everyone comes to the discussion table.

Hands-on, 2-hour event shed light on case studies of Blockchain technology and the likelihood of industry adoption by the stakeholders, including producers, financiers, sales agents, and distributors. Through a variety of interactive exercises and activities, this event aimed to make Blockchain accessible to all those interested in exploring it.

Interview with: Jordan McGarry (Head of Talent Development and Production at Film London)

Kase Study by: Manuel Badel (Badel Media)

FilmChain run an interactive simulation to explain in a simple but effective manner what Blockchain is.

The following Blockchain projects have pitched their products:

Cinezen (Sweden): movie streaming platform, beta version: “CINEZEN is a decentralized platform where everyone can become a video store owner”

FilmChain (UK)


  • Micro niche
  • Micro distribution
  • Micro payment

Fans are monetising their reports about films they like, their passion for a niche film.  At the moment focused on India. Collaborating with other partners in the next years.

Resonate (Germany): music streaming platform, create a digital passport for rights holders in music pieces. #stream2own model isn't just about better payments for artists. It's also about effortlessly converting casual listeners into dedicated fans with almost zero effort.

Welt der Wunder TV (Germany)

White Rabbit (Norway): browser plug-in to allow people that stream content illegally to pay their share. If the content owner does not want to receive the collected money White Rabbit offers him, the person charged will get the money back (creditcard).

  • Info about users are gathered
  • 3rd market / marketing
  • 60% of the users want to pay
  • 75% for the rights holder, 15% White Rabbit, 10% partner streaming platform
  • Currency: USD

Discussion: Blockchain Curation and Monetisation in a Fragmented Landscape

Quest: Who is the consumer of my content? A lot of content does not dins an audience. How to monetize?

Cinezen: diff. channels curated by film critics, festivals, or, or…operates with block chain, smart contract, gets paid and pays to all signed people.

Question of currency – crypto currency, digital wallet


Sunday, 10th Feb.  1:00-6:00 p.m. 

VR Now Summit

1 pm

Open doors

1.20 pm

Welcome address by Matthijs Wouter Knol (EFM), Stephan Schindler (VRBB), and Tim Rittmann (Booster Space)

1.30 pm

Presentation by Liz Rosenthal (Founder of Power to the Pixel, Venice VR)
A Distribution Map for Immersive Content

2 pm

Presentation by Joanna Popper (Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment) Around the World in LBE

2.30 pm

Presentation by Bob Cooney (Speaker, Author, Mentor)
Out of Home Entertainment – Immerse Yourself into LBE Business

3 pm

Presentation by Alexander Knetig (Director of Digital Department at Arte)
Distribution and Co-Production of Immersive Content

3.30 pm

Networking “Caffeine & Recreation”

4 pm

Industry Debate presented by IFA, in collaboration with Variety
Moderated by Henry Chu (Variety)
Value-Added VR: Boosting Film and TV With Virtual Reality

5 pm

Presentation by Salar Shahna (World VR Forum)
Entering New Terrain

5.20 pm

Presentation by Ioulia Isserlis, Max Sacker (AnotherWorld VR)
“Kobold” and “Der Pass”

5.40 pm

Presentation by Stefan Kreuzer (rcp)
Submerging into Virtual Worlds


Arcade: not sustainable, is retail business. But: are they making money? Mixed reality is a must. VR Towers at JFK, no price sensibility in VR, however, nobody has figured out a business model yet.

ARTE: Alexander Knetig, das totale Tanztheater, A Fishermen’s Tale -> 1st immersive game -> escape room.

MK2, Museums: Location based VR for ARTE, Bto B and BtoC. High impact.

Monday, 11th February, 10 am – 12.30 pm

EFM Pitch

Eugen L.Gross, CEO and Co-Founder
Aleksander Koleski, CTO

Aiconix, Germany
Aiconix develops a platform that online media producers can use to understand throughout the production process when viewers will lose interest and sign off. The system will be able to recommend where and how the dramaturgy of a film could be adapted to reduce bounce rates.


Jhava Chikli, Co-Founder
Stoyan Tankosvki, Customer Operation Analyst

Archive Valley, France
Archive Valley is an international platform that offers filmmakers a privileged access to unique footage across the world, by enabling direct connection with hundreds of archive sources and archive researchers in more than 80 countries.

Axel Steinkuhle, CEO and Co-Founder
Lisa Helisch, Product Manager

Evrbit, Germany        
Evrbit is an edge technology company with its focus on synchronized VR, AR and location based applications. One of our most used products is the frame accurate audio-synchronized VR Sync Cinema for an unlimited number of devices. No headphones, but pure emotion. Evrbit's purpose is to build interactions by making technology collaborative.

Andrea Giannone, CEO and Co-Founder
Bernardo Gomez, COO and Co-Founder

FilmarketHub, Spain  
FilmarketHub is the first online marketplace for films and series in development. We are experts in matching international projects with producers, TV broadcasters, OTT platforms, sales agents and distributors.

Charles S. Roy, Film Producer and Head of Digital Projects

LMDP Co., Canada
VFC Biomediae is an audience biofeedback SaaS aimed for the indie film & digital media creatives and rights holders.

Denis Fevrier, Co-Founder and General Manager
Mathieu Di Pace, Acquisitions Manager

Polkatulk Scenso, France
Polkatulk aims at disrupting content distribution and copyright management via a dedicated micro-service architecture, specific video encoding, and a content & copyright management suite relying on blockchain protocols. Our technology is currently demonstrated by our first instantiation, the first sVOD OTT platform dedicated to distribution of performing arts videos.


Noelle Haitsma, Executive Board Member (Impact Cinema)
Robert van Hunsel, CEO and Founder Ticketing Group        
Ticketing Group, Netherlands           
Ticketing Group is a private company that connects cultural institutions to as many people as possible. We do this by offering a unique data driven, transparent and cost-effective alternative to today’s ticketing solutions for cultural venues.


Dagmar Mäe, CPO
Tõnis Vassar, CCO
Votemo, Estonia        
Votemo is real time audience particpation platform for TV. Votemo makes sport broadcasts, reality shows, news and political discussions interactive and can be used for live TV, recorded shows, web TV and e-learning. With Votemo the audience no longer just watches a show but becomes part of it.


Alan R. Milligan, CEO
Adrian Hessel-Rutter, CTO

White Rabbit, Norway          
White Rabbit aims to professionalise the peer to peer (p2p) market in order to collect revenue and data from the worlds largest streaming market.


Johanna-Mai Riismaa, CEO
Ailan Daniel Mark, CCO

Zelos, Estonia 
Zelos is a tasking app for large volunteer teams. It automatically engages your volunteers with social media marketing, ticket sales, extra tasks and shift exchange. Zelos started as an internal tool for the Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, but is now available to all festivals, conferences, communities - any organisations that engage large amounts of volunteers.