Reach Out Masterclass Series: Masterclass: Squash, Stretch, Play

Are you interested in character animation? Then join us for this free masterclass during CounterPlay ’19: Playing at the Edge.

This masterclass will show how modern real-time physics simulations can be combined with animation techniques to create dynamic deformable characters that can interact with their virtual environment and lead to new innovative forms of play and interactive storytelling.

CG characters in film can convey a diverse range of physical behaviors. Animators can choose from a wide variety of animation techniques to create cartoon-like characters that bend, squash and stretch into all manner of shapes and sizes. The real-time performance constraints and the interactive nature of computer games can restrict the range of animations possible.

Target Audience: Animators, game developers, and designers. Those interested in exploring how character animation in film can create innovative forms of play in computer games. Students and professionals.

Speaker: Grant Clarke, Abertay University