The University is an acknowledged world leader in research into the Games VFX, Visualisation and Film industries. The G+VERL staff team headed by Professor Peter Richardson have an acknowledged reputation for delivering high quality work with meaningful and measurable public impact.

    Peter and David

    UH is in close proximity to the UK’s leading film studios and has strong research and practice links with Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios (Harry Potter), Elstree Studios (Star Wars), BBC, ITV and Sky. Our proximity to London has allowed us to build up a portfolio of research partners in some of the world’s leading visual effects production facilities such as Double Negative (Interstellar), Frame Store (Gravity), ILM London (Star Wars), The Mill (Dr Who) and the Moving Picture Company (Harry Potter). The Universities Games and Visual Effects Research Lab (G+VERL) set up in early 2015 is a direct legacy of Peter Richardson’s involvement in the NSSP and was set up to continue the work of VERL in Scotland.

    The University of Hertfordshire (UH) is the UK’s leading business-facing university and an exemplar in the sector, with a flourishing student community of over 25,100, including more than 2,900 international students from 120 different countries.

    UH was named Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2010 and one of the top 100 universities in the world under 50 years old by the UK Times Higher Education Supplement.

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    There’s more about G+Verl at Project Focus: Collaborate.

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    We are a university college or to put this in Danish – professionshøjskole – in the Central Denmark Region and we have eight gorgeous campuses. We’ll stick with just one here. The team at VIA includes Louis Thonsgaard and Thorsten Høegsberg. Louis is Head of Education and has been a driving force to build VIA’s film and media centre. Thorsten Høegsberg is an Innovation Consultant and Project Manager.

    Louis and Thorsten

    The School of Creative Industries takes in Scandinavia’s largest design and management college within the fashion and lifestyle industry, one of the most dedicated animation institutions in the world and an education across film, transmedia and storytelling.

    VIA Design

    More than 1100 young people are studying a vocational or a higher education within the areas clothing and textiles or furniture and furnishings. VIA Design has a close relationship to the companies within the industry, and it has for years educated the manpower that international lifestyle companies need. The school offers education programmes in all areas in a company’s production, whether it is design, purchasing or sales.

    The Animation Workshop

    The Animation Workshop enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet we are much more than a school. The Animation Workshop is an international centre of knowledge and development for animation (and related) professions and businesses.

    VIA Multiplatform, Storytelling and Production

    VIA Multiplatform, Storytelling and Production is uniquely located in the Film City of Aarhus among the leading creative media companies. The education is a new degree programme that focuses on various forms of filmic storytelling, across many different genres and media platforms. With an outset in traditional filmmaking and transmedia, the programme prepares students for storytelling in future formats.

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    TayScreen (full name FifeScreen+TayScreen) is a screen office. That means we’re a fixer and we do our best to help you make things happen.

    TayScreen is headed up by Julie Craik.

    Of course we are a wee bit biased but we do serve an amazing part of Scotland. Fife and Tayside takes in the cities of Dundee and Perth and is made up of the council areas of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross. There are four Universities, St. Andrews, Dundee, Abertay and Perth UHI. The region is home to the home of golf, also at St. Andrews and other globally famous golf courses like Carnoustie and Gleneagles. We also have some world famous bridges. There are rail and road bridges linking Tayside and Fife across the river Tay. Bridges also link Fife with Edinburgh and the south across the river Forth where there is also the soon to be completed Queensferry Crossing.

    We support just about any kind of media production. We’re also  there for business development for all things creative digital helping to accelerate growth in the region. We combine public sector backing with an industry approach and we’re focused on fostering the conditions people need to create and collaborate.

    Our service is free because we’re an office of the four local government authorities of, and here they are again, Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross.

    We love a good chat and always want to hear what you’re up to so please get in touch with Julie. Call the landline +44(0)1382 432483 or the mobile +44 (0)7951 380403. Or email

  • SCREEN SOUTHKent, England

    Screen South is based in South East England in gorgeous Kent. We maximise access to excellent digitally led creative, cultural and business opportunities. We are a cultural development agency with digital creativity and enterprise at our core.

    Jo Nolan, MD of Screen South is also Chair of the Creative Digital Guild Kent and Green Regio Panel, a European wide interest group.

    Well known for nurturing emerging digital talent, we find new ways to promote talent and effectively support new production business. We have also  delivered many successful events and training programmes both nationally and internationally. Recent partnerships have included, Develop Produce Connect with BAFTA and those with the British Film Institute (BFI), Creative Skillset and  Pinewood Studios in the UK, North Sea Screen Partners, , New Deal of the Mind, Digital Horizons, Cine Euro and Cine Regio. We must be doing something right because there have been more than 250 awards for films supported by us.

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  • MEDIA EVOLUTIONMalmo, Sweden

    Media Evolution combines networking, matchmaking and business intelligence for digital media and as part of that we are also top of the line event and conference producer.

    Sara Ponnert is Project Manager and head of business development and international business and projects.

    Media Evolution is a cluster and members organisation that works to remove obstacles for growth in the digital media industries, an initiative that was first initiated back in 2004. We work to help our member’s organisations to grow via our projects, knowledge, business intelligence, collaboration and events. We give our members coaching on better matchmaking and business development. As just one example we have coached over 500 digital media related companies through the years. In  2014 alone, we held 164 events which engaged over 17,000 people.

    When we talk about digital media we cover a wide range; so companies from IT development, web-companies, communication agencies, copywriting, handset manufacturers, digital designers, game developers, moviemakers, musicians, publishers to name a few. Essentially it’s about companies using digital media to make products or making themselves heard through it. We also welcome any company that sees that our members can help them evolve faster and respond to the opportunities and challenges of digital change.

    We have been part of quite a few international and EU funded projects such as Moving Media Southern Sweden. We launched Media Evolution City, an accelerator for the companies that come out of the incubator environment. Nordic Game has lifted the gaming industry in Malmo and through its annual conference gathered hundreds of game developers, funders and policy makers. It has also focused on women entrepreneurs offering advice and inspiration.  BUFF: ff has given new projects the opportunity to pitch and present to investors.

    Get in touch with Media Evolution by calling Sara on +46 706107596 or email


  • FILMBY AARHUSAarhus, Denmark

    Filmby Aarhus is the center of film and media production in the Jutland region of Denmark. The goal is to push the development of future jobs in the digital and visual sector and to highlight the creative, cultural and business strength of the region through film and media production.

    Kristian, Regitze and Kirsten

    The team at Filmby Aarhus that also works closely with Interactive Denmark includes Kristian Krämer, Kirsten Langgaard and Regitze Mai Møller. Kristian is Manager at Interactive Denmark and Project Portfolio Manager at Filmby Aarhus. Kirsten and Regitze are Project Managers.

    Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and we spearhead the city’s focus on film and media industries. A former  power station site is now a creative industries business park that is home to 65 media companies, two production studios, film education and a variety of media projects. The companies at Filmby Aarhus produce  feature films, documentaries, commercials, TV-programmes, design, web, games and more.

    FBA is also part of Shareplay an ambitious transmedia development venture launched by the Central and North Regions of Denmark. Initiatives create experiences and convey knowledge by extending the narrative to different media platforms and ways of engaging with audiences. So beyond entertainment, we also support applications for education, tourism and business. So far Shareplay has supported almost forty projects combining creativity, technology and innovation.

    It’s also worth noting that the West Danish Film Fund is also located in Aarhus and annually supports and invests in co-productions that have Danish artistic or technical participation.


    Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein or FFHSH for short is the regional screen agency for  Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany and internationally has a broad network.





    Helge Albers is CEO of FFHSH. Julia Grosch is Head of EU Projects and Events.

    FFHSH supported projects have won numerous awards such as Berlinale Golden Bears and successful international co-productions have included Roman Polanski’s ‘The Ghost Writer’ and ‘Bend It Like Beckham’.

    FFHSH is focused on supporting feature films and extraordinary television productions across all genres and operates a significant production support fund targeting projects that strengthen the image of the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein region and use regional services.

    FFHSH closely monitors developments in the digital media sector and offers numerous events and seminars on creative and digital industry topics such as film finance and digital innovation offering advice and help. The film series ‘Film in Conversation’ in cooperation with the Abaton Kino in Hamburg  also regularly presents currently funded projects and discussion with people involved in production, post and VFX.

    We also encompass Filmwerkstatt Kiel and the Film Commission. Filmwerkstatt  supports the creative scene in Schleswig-Holste including with production equipment, resources, research and festival sponsorship. The Film Commission has offices in Hamburg and Kiel and supports production in the region.

    The Managing Director of FFHSH is Helge Albers. To get in touch with us please call Julia on +49 (0)40 3983 7291 or email .

  • DUNDEE CITY COUNCILDundee, Scotland

    Dundee and the Fife Tayside region is the home to some pretty cool stuff. There’s the Beano and other famous comics, JM Barrie and the timeless Peter Pan, marmalade (yum), Dundee cake (who doesn’t like a bit of cake), Captain Scott’s Arctic exploring ship, the Discovery (they would have needed cake).

    Heading up the Economic Projects team is Jennifer Caswell (here with the under construction V&A Dundee on the city’s developing waterfront.)

    Anyway, Dundee’s whole waterfront with two bridges, the Tay rail and road bridges, is being re-developed. The city daily celebrates being a UNESCO City of Design.

    It’s all pretty dramatic to see the changes evolving and centre stage is the new V&A Dundee (yes connected to the London V&A).

    Dundee is a city of knowledge, creativity, and culture.  A place that’s friendly, fascinating, and easy to reach.  All persuasive factors when deciding where to live, work , visit or invest.

    Its central geographic position means  Dundee is ideally situated for business.  Drawing on the brightest minds from home and abroad, the city offers a diverse and motivated workforce . It is a globally recognised centre of academic and research excellence

    The following sectors have been identified as key to the growth, competitiveness , diversity and strength of Dundee’s economic region and have benefited from significant investment  through partnership activities – Energy; Life Sciences and Healthcare; Retail; Creative Industries; Games; Tourism and Contact centres.

    For us Create Converge is about engaging with our wonderful partners and truly exciting work. We’re always interested in being approached about new projects. For creativie, digital, the best place to start is our offices Digital Dundee and TayScreen.

    If your fancy takes you to a quick look at Dundee, head over to Dundee dot com. If you want to get all official, and to show we are a dot gov, this is the one.

  • DIGITAL DUNDEEDundee, Scotland

    If we say that Dundee was the place where Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto were originally created, that might be enough.

    Digital Dundee is an office of Dundee City Council. The office is headed up by Alan Dobson.

    Dundee has positioned itself as a modern, forward looking city with an increasing number of knowledge economy workers. However, many of Dundee businesses fall into the micro/small/medium sized categories and it has been identified by the EU that E-business is key to the future development of the SME sector. By using ICT and particularly e-business SME’s have a greater opportunity to develop – they are able to buy and sell over the internet, reduce costs and boost productivity and manage change effectively.

    In response to this, and as a result of consultation with local businesses, Digital Dundee was formed to work with some of the city’s small and medium sized enterprises to identify further ways they can harness e-technology to improve their business processes and increase their competitive advantage.

    The project has a number of distinct strands. It not only works with SME’s but will also act as an Observatory for them in terms of identifying new business processes and keeping them aware of the benefits. This includes initiatives such as e-procurement, WIFI projects, marketing using e-commerce, internet based sales, etc.

    The strategic vision for the initiative is to create a ‘dynamic, innovative and competitive regional economy where people and businesses are well equipped to face the challenges of new and emerging European and international markets, thus enhancing the region’s longer term economic development capability.

    Get in touch with Alan on +44 (0) 1382 434912 or email me on


  • ABERTAY UNIVERSITYDundee, Scotland

    Abertay is a modern University based in Dundee, Scotland, the original hub of the UK’s digital games industry. We are a recognised centre of expertise in digital and interactive media and their applications across entertainment and all kinds of societal challenges. The School of Arts, Media and Computer Games is a recognised world leader in computer games education. Who says so? The Princeton Review amongst other international recognition.

    Gregor, Jim and Andrea

    The School is headed up by Professor Gregor White and the team working on Create Converge includes Professor Jim Bown, Dr. Andrea Szymkowiak, Lynn Parker and Paul Robertson. Jim is Professor of Systems Biology. Andrea, whose background is Psychology and Industrial Engineering, lectures in Human Computer Interaction. Lynn teaches animation and interactive art. Paul teaches 3D modeling and game engines.

    Lynn (left/centre) and Paul (right/centre)

    We have substantial experience in virtual environment design and usability evaluation through our HIVE VR lab used for commercial and research work.

    With a great network already, we continue to establish strong, sustainable links with partners in the business community, in the UK and internationally to promote innovation, knowledge transfer and economic development. We have long-standing collaborations with national and international industry partners within the digital media industry including Sony Entertainment and Disney.

    Collaboration is in our DNA so get in touch with Andrea by emailing

    You can also connect by calling Julie (at TayScreen) on +44 (0)1382 432483 or +44 (0)7951 380403.

    To explore more about Abertay please visit our website.