Dundee and the Fife Tayside region is the home to some pretty cool stuff. There’s the Beano and other famous comics, JM Barrie and the timeless Peter Pan, marmalade (yum), Dundee cake (who doesn’t like a bit of cake), Captain Scott’s Arctic exploring ship, the Discovery (they would have needed cake).

Heading up the Economic Projects team is Jennifer Caswell (here with the under construction V&A Dundee on the city’s developing waterfront.)

Anyway, Dundee’s whole waterfront with two bridges, the Tay rail and road bridges, is being re-developed. The city daily celebrates being a UNESCO City of Design.

It’s all pretty dramatic to see the changes evolving and centre stage is the new V&A Dundee (yes connected to the London V&A).

Dundee is a city of knowledge, creativity, and culture.  A place that’s friendly, fascinating, and easy to reach.  All persuasive factors when deciding where to live, work , visit or invest.

Its central geographic position means  Dundee is ideally situated for business.  Drawing on the brightest minds from home and abroad, the city offers a diverse and motivated workforce . It is a globally recognised centre of academic and research excellence

The following sectors have been identified as key to the growth, competitiveness , diversity and strength of Dundee’s economic region and have benefited from significant investment  through partnership activities – Energy; Life Sciences and Healthcare; Retail; Creative Industries; Games; Tourism and Contact centres.

For us Create Converge is about engaging with our wonderful partners and truly exciting work. We’re always interested in being approached about new projects. For creativie, digital, the best place to start is our offices Digital Dundee and TayScreen.

If your fancy takes you to a quick look at Dundee, head over to Dundee dot com. If you want to get all official, and to show we are a dot gov, this is the one.