Filmby Aarhus is the center of film and media production in the Jutland region of Denmark. The goal is to push the development of future jobs in the digital and visual sector and to highlight the creative, cultural and business strength of the region through film and media production.

Kristian, Regitze and Kirsten

The team at Filmby Aarhus that also works closely with Interactive Denmark includes Kristian Krämer, Kirsten Langgaard and Regitze Mai Møller. Kristian is Manager at Interactive Denmark and Project Portfolio Manager at Filmby Aarhus. Kirsten and Regitze are Project Managers.

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city and we spearhead the city’s focus on film and media industries. A former  power station site is now a creative industries business park that is home to 65 media companies, two production studios, film education and a variety of media projects. The companies at Filmby Aarhus produce  feature films, documentaries, commercials, TV-programmes, design, web, games and more.

FBA is also part of Shareplay an ambitious transmedia development venture launched by the Central and North Regions of Denmark. Initiatives create experiences and convey knowledge by extending the narrative to different media platforms and ways of engaging with audiences. So beyond entertainment, we also support applications for education, tourism and business. So far Shareplay has supported almost forty projects combining creativity, technology and innovation.

It’s also worth noting that the West Danish Film Fund is also located in Aarhus and annually supports and invests in co-productions that have Danish artistic or technical participation.