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Project Focus: Reach Out

Create Converge is not just for creatives, it’s also for clients.

Hi there, clients. There are many sectors that are already, or very soon will be, using creative digital solutions for things like service delivery, training and marketing. Already working with digital? Or are you new to it, curious, how is VR or games are made? What can these technologies do for you? Meet the creatives. Hi there, guys. We also have never met a creative happy to do rubbish work. We totally get it. You want to use your talent and hard-earned skills to work on the next big thing. You’re someone that can help answer these questions.
So say hello to each other. We’re going to get people together to make the magic happen.

And see what else we’re doing. Read more at Connect, Collaborate and Learn.


Events in 3 Years


Capital Invested


sectors using creative digital (or going to)

Creative digital solutions to show, tell and sell

Our programme of events, and networking tools, are all designed to get people talking. We want everyone to take away, not just new ideas, but also actions and next steps. Stay tuned, for more updates and opportunities to reach out.

Service Delivery

For healthcare, we’re working on a system so that doctors and patients can together  ‘see’ the potential impact and side-effects of different treatments and make informed choices.

Skills Training

The Blue Economy is about the opportunities of the world’s oceans and the need to protect this vital resource. It’s an incredible environment but not without hazard. So how about a training resource that lets you practice a procedure before you’re down there?

Marketing& Promotion

Fashion and tourism are just two of many sectors that can use creative ways to sell more. The idea is simple. You don’t just get to see what’s on offer. Your potential customers can have more of a ‘try before you buy’ experience with a better chance of their cash being on your nail.

Not talking about your sector yet?

We’re busy producing case studies, to help make these opportunities concrete and relevant. Althought our intial focus is healthcare, energy, fashion, and tourism, don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re from one of these other industries.
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Building Services and Construction
  • Business and Financial Services
  • Education
  • Museums, galleries , libraries, archives
  • Music
  • Real estate and property development
  • Retail
  • Sport