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VR Connect: Three Cities, One Conference
July 11, 2018

90 pairs of VR goggles, three locations, and a whole lot of fiberoptic cable: Last Tuesday, VR CONNECT hosted the first…

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Zero Point VR – Createch and Performance
September 28, 2017

CC Focus: Collaborate Zero point VR is a Virtual Reality Meditation on the key Inspirations and concepts behind the Zero Point…

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HTC is launching an all-in-one Vive headset just for China – The Verge
July 28, 2017

HTC is partnering with Qualcomm for a self-contained Vive virtual reality headset exclusive to the Chinese market. The headset, called…

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Mexico’s Anima Studios Leaps Into Virtual Reality – Variety exclusive
July 24, 2017

Latin America’s most prominent animation house Anima Studios has made its first foray into virtual reality with Cantinflas Presents: The Time…

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Storytelling in VR – Masterclass with Johan Knattrup Jensen
June 15, 2017

CC Focus: Connect | Event: Hamburg, Germany June 2017 Create Converge VR Storytelling – the big questions Head to Hamburg for…

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Create Converge Workshop with Dave Burgess, DreamWorks
November 15, 2016

A workshop for creatives andeveryone looking to use creative, digital solutions to show, tell and sell 13 December 2016 Dundee, Scotland…

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