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Virtual Reality & Arts Festival "VRHAM!" is back for a second edition! From 7–15 June, visitors to the Oberhafen area will be immersed in breath-taking artistic worlds. The Hamburg Residencies will also be in attendance; two exciting artists who will be developing their art as part of the festival.


Save the Hamburg of the future from the consequences of climate change with the help of your virtual entourage. Or maybe become part of a memorable performance in the manor of the greatest magician of all time? Think that sounds crazy? Well it is – and that's why we recommend it! As part of the "VRHAM!" festival, students from the Ernst Busch University in Berlin along with three promising young artists from France will be presenting two unusual VR projects. The two residencies were advertised by "VRHAM!", Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and EU project “Create Converge“, and the winners can now be seen as part of the festival. The two groups received special support in the lead up to the event from virtual reality pros Salt & Pepper Hamburg and VR pioneer and artist Michel Reilhac. This allowed the groups to spend nearly a week working on story, dramatization and implementation and to perfect their projects with some external input.


The game, whose name was randomly created in a chat, mixes virtual reality, augmented reality and text-based retro adventure for a new gaming experience. Developed by students from Ernst Busch University of Performing Arts, the story actually takes place in Berlin, however, the tale has been relocated to Hamburg especially for VRHAM. The task: no less than saving the beautiful Hanseatic port city from the effects of climate change. The playing field consists of a Hamburg map on which the game characters travel to different locations to complete tasks. The game is played with four people, with each participant receiving different information. One person plays the navigator, who communicates information from a screen to the group, while someone else wears VR glasses, dives into the augmented reality world and sees things that remain hidden from the other players. Team work is essential to master the game. You can find more information here:



"Cocotte-Minute" is less a game and more of an interactive narrative from three promising artists, Gabrielle Roque, Louis Wade and Teddy Aymard from France. It is a Film Noir trip with VR glasses where you are drawn into the game as a character. Players take on the role of an illusionist, clairvoyant, hypnotist, journalist or pickpocket and explore six areas of a magical mansion. Players must decide whether to follow the main story or let themselves be guided by various secondary strands of the story. However, it is impossible for one character to explore everything, so all participants have their own personal, immersive VR real-time narrative. More info can be found here:


The two residencies can be played as part of the regular VR exhibitions – tickets for different timeslots are available here: